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6 April 2012 Action Script, Bixbite

I am trying to make use of Easter time to finally implement the last crucial change into BixBite on architecture level. Final decision is to move away from MVC model completely. I have to say, I received equal amount of emails from people that love this framework and haters who …

Post Thumbnail of BixBite on github
13 March 2012 Action Script, Bixbite

After couple of weeks being involved in some crazy flash production I am back! And I am exited to announce very Public Beta version of Bixbite MVC is available for download on github.
You can grab it from there.
Still, lot’s of stuff needs to be done to make it real. But …

Post Thumbnail of MVC paradigm. Origins and modern programming
12 February 2012 Uncategorized

On the very beginning, once again I will refer back to original paper from Smalltalk-80, The source of all this today I am trying to sort out. Once again I will remind you this was my original inspiration to write Bixbite the way it is, not PureMVC or any other …

Post Thumbnail of Bixbite and Signal/Slot implementation
11 February 2012 Action Script, Bixbite

Previously I posted some bunch of tests (and words) in order to compare Bixbite to PureMVC and RobotLegs frameworks.
Just to give you a bigger picture what I am up to. Today I will show you the strengths of Signal/Slot that driving this monster.
As you already might know this paper has …

Post Thumbnail of Perfect framework, PureMVC, RobotLegs or Bixbite?
11 February 2012 Action Script, Bixbite

Have you ever dream of framework that utilise original MVC pattern and use Signals/Slots concept (well knows from QT) and perform faster than native AS3 solution?
We will give you a perfectly decoupled classes, easily replaceable, modular and scalable structure, and you don’t have to sacrifice anything from performance!
It is actually …

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10 February 2012 Bixbite, News

I have decided to write a little ‘todo’ list for myself and for those who follow. Having a bit of spare time first time this year, I can spend it on my own stuff.
The goal is the same, but idea extended.
The reason why I called this project that way is …

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26 November 2011 Bixbite, News

After all those debates here and there, I’ve got some idea and currently working on prove of concept of it.
Visual Object Oriented Programming Interpreter.
Code name Bixbite.
Let’s talk about languages. Natural ones.
Imagine the language, you currently using, English, is not your native tongue. (I don’t have to imagine, lucky me :));
You …

Post Thumbnail of Moving forward
13 November 2011 Action Script, Android, DESKTOP, Flaemo, MOBILE, WEB

OK! Lets forget about Flash and Adobe. If they dropping the technology that over 3 millions active developers relying on, is their own business. They have to find the place in this industry no matter they have the options provided by Adobe or not. The tittle of this post has …

Post Thumbnail of Good bye Flaemo

I haven’t update my blog for quite long time. Lot’s of things happened in mean time.
First of all I have almost completed my Flaemo API open source framework for mobile development.
Because solution is indeed based on Stage3D I was holding my breath for flash 11 release.
Unfortunately when it came along …

Post Thumbnail of Molehill 3D / 2D and Flaemo - First attempt
5 June 2011 Flaemo, Flash, Molehill 3D, WEB

It was a long rainy Sunday here in London. To keep my hopes high I decided to do something a bit more exciting other than rewriting the rendering system for the 10th time :D.
If you reading this article for the 2nd time and you had a chance to see previous …

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